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Professional Window Installation

Roof It Right installs the most durable vinyl windows in its class for just a slight difference in the price of similar windows that are widely available in Louisville. We use windows that are designed for rougher weather. Our installers themselves, consider these windows to be superior in comparison to other brands. For more information on our window installation services, call us
at 502-622-2226.

We offer Farley windows from KP! See the highlights below:

  • Triple pane performance with double-pane glass
  • Outperforms the industry average by 29% in energy efficiency
  • Triple pane performance with double-pane glass
  • Titanium dioxide coating reacts chemically with the sun’s UV rays, causing organic materials that are on the glass to decompose, rids itself of many non-mineral deposits (i.e. adhesive residue, fingerprints, pollens, resins, bird droppings) It dries 3 times faster, stays cleaner, longer As a result has better light transmittance.
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