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Trust a Roofing Company with Your Storm Damage Claim?

• December 1, 2020

Who Should You Trust? Insurance Company or Roofer?

Why should you trust a roofing company to help you with your storm damage insurance claim?

I recently had to have my broken windshield replaced on my truck. I called my agent, told them I needed to get it replaced, and they asked if I knew of a company that performed the service or if I would like for them to recommend someone. Of course, I don’t run into having to have my windshield replaced as often as the insurance company does for all of their thousands of insureds, so I took their recommendation. They even called the replacement company for me and had them reach out to schedule. It was easy and efficient. I didn’t have to spend a day calling multiple companies, getting bids, and trying to schedule around my availability. The insurance company took care of it! That’s great customer service! Right…?

The majority of insurance companies will try to operate in this same way for almost all claims. They want to help you, and in turn help themselves. The company that replaced my windshield was one that they had developed a relationship with and that they knew would provide fair pricing and good service. I’m happy with the result, and I’m sure they are too. My insurance company saved me time and energy, provided the replacement service, and they paid for it. What a great company they are! But, what if I needed to make a larger claim? Would the insurance company be as helpful?  

The typical claim process for storm damage on a roof begins the same way as the claim for my windshield replacement. The insured calls the agent or insurance company claims department and they take down the information regarding the damage. However, in larger claims, instead of having you go ahead and contract the work needed to restore the property to its pre-damage condition, the insurance company assigns and schedules an adjuster to evaluate the damage and provide an estimate of the loss. This process can go very smoothly, and if you agree with or trust the adjuster to be fair to you, the matter is quickly resolved. The question is, should you trust an independent adjuster to be fair to you?  

The problem with an adjuster that the insurance company sends is that the adjuster is an independent adjuster who works as a contractor for your insurance company. For the independent adjuster to feed their family, they rely on the insurance company to provide them with claims to adjust. What do you think happens if the independent adjuster disagrees with the insurance company on how best to indemnify you, the insured? That’s right folks! The adjuster’s family goes hungry because the insurance company stops providing them with claims to settle. So, how do you make sure your interests are protected from that scenario? Much simpler than you might think…you hire a roofing company that wants to do the job RIGHT, so that they protect you, make you happy, and in turn they get to make money and stay in business!  

That is what we here at Roof It Right, LLC are all about! Doing the job RIGHT, taking care of our customers and making them happy, and taking care of our families by taking care of what protects yours!

I’m James Hannon, the assistant general manager, and I’d like to say thank you for checking out our Blog at Roof It Right, LLC. We are a Louisville, KY based company that specializes in exterior home products, insurance claim services, and most importantly educating our community about what we do!  

We are Roof It Right, because if we did it any other way we would just be like everyone else!

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