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Roofing Client Testimonials

Pewee Valley, KY

Insurance roof replacement on small house and detached garage with interior leak fixes including painting and ceiling patch.

Member Comments:

Sergei from Roof it Right (owner) was contacted by my Grandmother at my advising to perform a insurance roof replacement.  I gave her two others from Angie’s list as well.  She called and reviewed them all but was most happy with Sergei’s punctuality and willingness to meet with her to review the work as soon as possible.  Roof it right, got the job.

Total job took much less than a week.  The men were very efficient. Sergei was the foreman on the site everyday (and the owner of his company). He made sure the work was done right and according to his standard.  This is a major plus when working with a smaller roofing company.  The big companies can have multiple crews and many of them typically don’t have any ties to the their company… with no respect for their work.  This was not my experience with Roof it Right.  They performed the job with skill and care regarding their trade and my Grandmother’s roof.

Another example of the care Sergei has was that everyday after the work was done, he personally went around the house and picked up any trash that had came from the days job.  Now, any contractor should do this, but typically not the foreman.  Again, Sergei cared about his companies work to the extent to personally perform even the smallest tasks for customer satisfaction.

There have been no problems since the work was performed and my grandmother has been completely satisfied with the work performed.

– Ryan H.

Charlestown, IN

Sergei was great.  He went out of his way to make us happy at every turn.  He started by putting samples sq. of colors on our roof as we were torn between two colors.  That really helped and we are very pleased with our choice. He allowed us time to paint some decorative ends and he put them back up.  If there were any little things we were not happy with, he would change and make them the way we wanted it.  He was always pleasant, hard worker, and came when he said he would.  In spite of fighting some rain, he finished the job as promised.  He did not have a large crew of men that would finish it in a day or two but his crew worked out really well for us as it gave us time to supervise the job and make sure it was done the way we wanted.  Sergei welcomed our imput and I  think it was a good experience for all of us, I know it was for us.  His work was the best and we would definitely hire him again.

– Donna P.

Prospect, KY


Along with installing a New Roof, Sergie’s and his crew also replaced the front dormers with hard R & R siding and cement trim board to replace the deteriated sun damaged dormers.  Due to the steeps and angles of our roof, leafs would collect along with unnecessary moisture.  Water damage was now visible in the garage.  This too was repaired – and the work was professionally done!

Member Comments:

Please Note: The Amount in the Cost Box is not what we paid  to have this work done – not comfortable sharing that information.

We typically use Angies’ List for any major project. A roof repair was now required.  We spoke to a number of recommended roofers and although Sergie of Roof It Right was not the “Low Bidder”, after meeting with him and walking through the items of our concern we were pleased to initiate a contract with Roof It Right. I might add he was very responsive to our calls and came back on a Saturday to talk with both my husband and I together.

We selected a more expensive shingle, and it had to be shipped from Texas.  It arrived the day before we anticipated the work would begin.  We discussed the care that would be given to the bedding and trees around the house.  We were lucky and the work was completed in between two major storms in the Louisville area. The Team worked well together and put in approximately 3 very long full days.  Again our concern was around the areas that collected leaves during the fall and we wanted a waterproof sealant and flashing that would prevent future damage from occuring (If I were in the market for a home, this would be the one I would buy). Our contractor was onsite daily and was normally the last one to leave.  I have since had other home owners stop by my home to inquire about his work.  They were already impressed as they saw he was there every day.

Roof it Right was not the lowest bidder, nor was he the highest, but I believed we’d be able to work with him, and he with us through any unforseen issues.  We took an educated guess about the completion date and made an appointment with Direct TV to re-align the Dish.  Homeowners, our advice whether you’re using Roof it Right or another Roofer and you have a dish, have the roofers remove it and DO NOT have them attempt to re-install it.  No issue for us, but it could have been as the adhesives and screws used to secure the device may have cause unneccessary damage to our new roof.  Sergie did exactly, and more than he promised us.  I would highly recommend his services.  A true professional and passionate about his work!!!

– Gerald D.

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