This Sergei Churbanov, dedicated, even-tempered and a perfectionist.

Imagine this guy, the owner of the company, at the top rung of a 20’ ladder in the dark with a LED headlamp on. He is screwing in the last gutter after a 12 hour day. This Sergei Churbanov, dedicated, even-tempered and a perfectionist. Who do you want to replace your roof and gutters when this much our you money is on the line. I could write a review that went on forever, but I’ll get to the basics. 3000 sq. foot complex roof that required 30 squares. Bid also included 240 LF new 6” gutters and guards. I contacted five “A” rated roofers. They all provided old style carbon forms with hand written estimate. Very few details. Sergei emerged from his truck minutes later with a folder that had an exact dimension map, material specifications, and detailed cost estimate. Not only that, but he showed me a video on his laptop of the RHINO gutter guard system. The crew were, to put it simply, a study of efficiency. I watched intently over three days and saw dedication to craftsmanship that made me very certain this roof was installed perfectly. Cleanup. They used a magnet rake to get up all nails and screws. They cleaned up literally every square foot of property to perfection. Even as we said goodbye in the driveway, they still were picking up. All materials were prime. CertainTeed system shingles and underlayment. Rhino gutter guards that never requires gutter cleaning. Summary. A roof/gutter replacement is serious business for your home. It’s got to last 10-20 years, be attractive and functional. Price is important, but many quotes are almost the same. I hired the best! Thanks Sergei.

Greg Miller, Prospect KY

Sergey is the only roofer that was able to diagnose and fix a chronic leak over our kitchen! The area had leaked off and on for 15 years. Once his company located the source and reshingled the area of concern, we have had no further issues. He has also done work for friends of ours, and all are pleased. I highly recommend this company!

Madge Brown, Louisville KY

Along with replacing the shingles on the entire roof, most of the plywood beneath also needed replacing due to rotting or buckling. Some work was also done on the gutters, fascia and the flashing around fireplace.
Sergey responded promptly when we first called to set up an estimate. He was actually on a roof at the time working alongside his crew. A date was set up for him to come out and we met him two days later. He took his time and made a thorough evaluation. Before he left he listened to some of our concerns about problem areas on our roof and offered up his opinion on what would be needed. He said he would have an e-mail to us that evening with his estimate. Sure enough we got it that night. The estimate felt very decent considering the work that needed to be done. We had a choice to make concerning the type of shingles we wanted so the cost was adjusted accordingly. Between the weather and previous commitments the earliest he could fit us in was three weeks away. After a week he called to tell us that the weather had been cooperating and he could actually start a week early. We were delighted as we had experienced the beginnings of a leak and were anxious to get that new roof put on. He showed up at 7 first thing Monday morning, got everything set up and his crew was all there by 8. They worked till late afternoon, cleaned up, and were back the next two days d*** the same only staying almost until dusk. Throughout the few days they were here Sergey would always let us know how things were going at the end of the day and throughout if needed. The fourth day he came alone to finish up for a few hours. Afterwards he gave us a thorough review on all they had done.

Member Comments:
We were very happy to have found Sergey. He and his crew did an exceptional job, and much of it during some very cold weather. He was at all times polite, professional, prompt and conscientious. He worked alongside his crew the entire time they were here, in fact often arriving before them and leaving after they’d gone. They also did a wonderful job cleaning up. We are so pleased with his work that we hope to have them back in the not too distant future to do extensive work on a large detached garage.

Zakiyah Gharib
Louisville, KY

Performed a complete tear off of old roof, replaced some rotten decking, replaced box vents with two power vents, repaired some cedar wood siding, added two gutter downspouts and cleaned and painted chimney cap.

Member Comments:
A few months ago I moved to Louisville and purchased a home. I took bids from 4 vendors, (all vendors were listed on Angie’s List with A grades), to replace the original roof (21 years old). Each vendor provided a quality bid, however Sergei (owner of Roof It Right, LLC) provided me with a more comprehensive proposal that addressed other potential issues. Sergei took several pictures of my roof and showed me how the original installation of the roof and gutters led to large amounts of water running down a couple of dead valleys on my roof. This excess volume and animal damage (eating of wood) caused some of my cedar siding to prematurely rot. Sergei installed two additional downspouts to reduce the volume of water flowing in the valleys. He also removed the bad siding, added more flashing, installed new siding and painted. One of my chimneys had a rusty cap and he removed, sanded, painted and re-installed it.
I purchased the Tamko Heritage Woodgate product. Tamko was a product that I was not familiar with, however a couple of the vendors quoted them. I went on the Tamko website and checked to see if Roof It Right was listed as a certified Tamko Pro which allows Sergei to extend the warranty of the roofing materials and labor.
I checked out Sergei’s website ( and was pleasantly surprised to see that I could look at a PDF of his current business and workers compensation insurance certificates.
Once the supplies arrived, we had several days of rain which naturally delayed our installation. Sergei was in constant contact with me as he adjusted his schedule. Sergei’s crew would start promptly at 8am each day and would clean up before they left. Sergei would stop in each day to perform a quality check on the work being performed. During one of Sergei’s visits, a woman from his office stopped by. She was in charge of his company’s safety training and was there to take pictures and ensure safety procedures were being followed (very impressive for a company their size).
Sergei and his team did an outstanding job of tearing off and installing my new roof. I would recommend anyone interested in a new or replacement roof to check out Sergei and Roof It Right.

John Croda
Prospect, KY

New roof for house and garage. New gutters and gutter guards for house and detached garage. Replaced 3 skylights and took out a skylight out of sun room upon request.

Member Comments:
I called Roof it Right first because they were the highest rated in my service area. Everything that all the other reviewers are saying is true. Friendly, punctual, professional, good communication, fair pricing. Before Sergey left my house the first time I had a detailed estimate in my email. I had a question or needed something changed on the estimate I had a response with in the hour. Once I had a signed a contract (which by the way was through the email through a document signing service) the work started within a week.
Let me give you a comparison to the other two contractors I contacted for an estimate. The 2nd contractor was 2nd highest rated in my area. The guy came out had a rough estimate on paper that he never officially showed me. He told me he would send me an email after he got some numbers on the windows. Never heard from the guy again. Since I already had my first estimate and was already impressed he never heard from me again either.
The third guy had a few reviews and was local. I like to support local businesses. He showed up 30 minutes late, he called ahead but I mean really… his office is located 5-10 miles away. Roof it Right home office is like 40 minutes away and they cover Louisville, E-town, and Southern Indiana. His next mistake was he wanted to immediately see what the estimates were from the other bids and what my insurance was going to pay me before he stepped foot on my roof. Third mistake he did not bring a ladder and when I offered the use of my home ladder he did not seem interested in that either. He said he would be back the next day with his ladder. He showed up in my drive way the next week which I then had to explain the job was already contracted out and was starting in a couple of days. Just save yourself some time and go with Roof it Right.

In late Oct, 2015 I noticed a very small leak near the chimney. Literally a single drop that would slowly form. It was very windy and raining very hard and had never noticed the leak before. I emailed Sergey that night and told him about the issue. He responded to me that morning and sent guys out that day to address the issue! The flashing had come away from the mortar and he apologized for the issue. Workman fixed the issue that day.

Sometimes people will perform very well during the job but honoring their work afterwards is a different sorry. However Sergey’s customer service is top notch!

Janelle Combs
Corydon, IN

My roof was damaged due to a hail storm. I called several contractors and most did not return my phone call. I researched Louisville BBB and angieslist. I called Roof it Right and Sergey (Owner) called me right back. He came out looked at my roof and gave me a free estimate. He even came back the next day with the adjuster.

Over the years I have used all kinds of contractors. This company does things alot different. First of all they listen. That was very important to me. I had alot of questions and he always responded promptly.

Mr.Sergey Churbanov and his crew replaced my roof, and it looks fantastic! He is very honest, highly professional, and has a very strong work ethic. They cleaned up my yard afterwards. I was so impressed with this company. I was treated like his biggest client.
IMPRESSIVE to sum it up!
Carl Pendleton
New Albany, IN

Along with installing a New Roof, Sergie’s and his crew also replaced the front dormers with hard R & R siding and cement trim board to replace the deteriated sun damaged dormers. Due to the steeps and angles of our roof, leafs would collect along with unnecessary moisture. Water damage was now visible in the garage. This too was repaired – and the work was professionally done!
Member Comments:
Please Note: The Amount in the Cost Box is not what we paid to have this work done – not comfortable sharing that information.
We typically use Angies’ List for any major project. A roof repair was now required. We spoke to a number of recommended roofers and although Sergie of Roof It Right was not the “Low Bidder”, after meeting with him and walking through the items of our concern we were pleased to initiate a contract with Roof It Right. I might add he was very responsive to our calls and came back on a Saturday to talk with both my husband and I together.
We selected a more expensive shingle, and it had to be shipped from Texas. It arrived the day before we anticipated the work would begin. We discussed the care that would be given to the bedding and trees around the house. We were lucky and the work was completed in between two major storms in the Louisville area. The Team worked well together and put in approximately 3 very long full days. Again our concern was around the areas that collected leaves during the fall and we wanted a waterproof sealant and flashing that would prevent future damage from occuring (If I were in the market for a home, this would be the one I would buy). Our contractor was onsite daily and was normally the last one to leave. I have since had other home owners stop by my home to inquire about his work. They were already impressed as they saw he was there every day.
Roof it Right was not the lowest bidder, nor was he the highest, but I believed we’d be able to work with him, and he with us through any unforseen issues. We took an educated guess about the completion date and made an appointment with Direct TV to re-align the Dish. Homeowners, our advice whether you’re using Roof it Right or another Roofer and you have a dish, have the roofers remove it and DO NOT have them attempt to re-install it. No issue for us, but it could have been as the adhesives and screws used to secure the device may have cause unneccessary damage to our new roof. Sergie did exactly, and more than he promised us. I would highly recommend his services. A true professional and passionate about his work!!!

Gerald Doss
Prospect, KY

MY name is Lee Sisney. I am a semi-retired lawyer and businessman; my wife of 44 years retired from education after 45 years. Both of us have owned and managed businesses and worked in a professional world. We have lived in the same house since 1976; it had never been reroofed until two weeks ago. We hired Roof It Right to do the job which became one of the best decisions we ever made. Sergey Churbanov is the Owner/General Manager of Roof It Right. Mr. Churbanov is a Russian Immigrant with U.S. Citizenship. One of the highest compliments my wife and I can (and do) give anyone based on our own experiences is that someone is a “professional”–meaning that they are accountable, always do what they say, return phone calls promptly, and do a better job than you would if you had the expertise. Also, a true professional does the job with grace and courtesy. Without qualification we highly recommend Mr. Churbanov as the professional’s professional for any roofing needs.
Sergey did not leave the job to subordinates. He stayed on top of the job. His crew was courteous and highly efficient, finishing the job in the equivalent of 1 day. Our roof is done with the highest quality of workmanship. Because of Sergey’s excellent taste in the selection of color and type of material, our new roof is beautiful! Our lawn was even hand-cleaned by Roof It Right’s workers. No sign whatsoever was left that workmen had ever even been on the premises. We can say, from direct experience, “If you want to get it right, you can’t go wrong with using Roof It Right and have the experience of becoming acquainted with Mr. Sergey Churbanov.”

Sherleen Sisney
Louisville, KY

Sergei was great. He went out of his way to make us happy at every turn. He started by putting samples sq. of colors on our roof as we were torn between two colors. That really helped and we are very pleased with our choice. He allowed us time to paint some decorative ends and he put them back up. If there were any little things we were not happy with, he would change and make them the way we wanted it. He was always pleasant, hard worker, and came when he said he would. In spite of fighting some rain, he finished the job as promised. He did not have a large crew of men that would finish it in a day or two but his crew worked out really well for us as it gave us time to supervise the job and make sure it was done the way we wanted. Sergei welcomed our imput and I think it was a good experience for all of us, I know it was for us. His work was the best and we would definitely hire him again.

Donna Parker
Charlestown, IN

When I and my husband were getting estimates…Mr. Sergei Churbanov was the first to respond, first to provide an estimate, first to call back when we had questions, etc, etc, etc. Mr. Churbanov was VERY Professional and Courteous and Flexible in Scheduling. One of the BEST roofers I have EVER encountered. Very Honest and made sure every detail of the job was perfect. He and his crew put Safety First. Provided a detailed contract and Insurance verification upon request. I just cannot say enough good things about Roof It Right and Mr. Sergei Churbanov. Very clean and Prompt. He and his crew did an EXCELLENT clean up job to ensure there were nothing lefty in the gutters and in the yard and surrounding area. A+++++
Member Comments:
From the beginning Mr. Churbanov was Professional and provider a very competitive quote. Very flexible on schduling and very good at answering any questions that I or my husband had. Very prompt on returning calls. Held to his word on every item of discussion and estimate.

Diane Compton
Shelbyville, KY

We needed a new roof, fascia, gutters and window wraps. Roof it Right did all of this for us and the quality of their work and the price of the project was better than we could have ever expected!
Member Comments:
We had talked to a few different contractors and did not feel very comfortable with them, so we went to Angieslist and we found Roof-it-Right had the not only the most reviews but the BEST reviews, and that was enough for us to call them. Sergey, the owner of the business came right on time. He told us about things we didn’t even know to ask for and the other contractors didn’t even mention. He gave us a quote and worked with our insurance company to get a little more money due to cost adjustments in materials since they had come out. Sergey and his team started the job right on time, and had it not been for the rain, would have finished right on time. He and his team were as careful with our home as they would have been with their own, they even wore shoes with carpeted soles on the roof so they would not damage the shingles! I have never even heard of that before, let alone seen a contracting company take the time and money to use them! I appreciated how they always wore their fall protection when on the roof and worked safe while on our property. Our neighbors were amazed at the amount of time they took each and every day to clean up, checking for nails, picking up debris, and just making sure our house looked nice while the job was being done. Our insurance inspector came out and I asked him if our gutters should extend as far past the roof line as they did because most of the gutters I had seen were flush with the end of the house. He told me that I had one of the best contractors he had ever seen because our gutters were EXACTLY how they should be and most contractors don’t do nearly as good a job with that as Sergey and his team did with ours. He couldn’t say enough about what a great job they were doing and how they were paying attention to detail that most roofers miss and sealing any place that water could possibly ever leak in. Sergey noticed an area where another company had “fixed” an area in our roof, but it was done incorrectly so he took the time to repair it and correct where the water was coming in and did not charge us a penny more! Our house looks brand new and we love it! I can’t say enough good things about Roof-it-Right! They are honest, professional, careful, particular about their work, and definitely the best roofing company we have ever used! I highly recommend that you call Sergey at Roof-it-Right before deciding on a contractor to do your roof, you will be glad you did!

Dora Mudd
Louisville, KY