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Save BIG on an ENERGY STAR Roof!

• November 1, 2020

Metal Shingle Roofs are Eco-friendly,  Energy Efficient, and Qualify for Rebates

Save BIG on an Energy Star Roof!

Normally, I wouldn’t promote the use of a metal roofing system for the Louisville, KY area.  Read my post on metal or no metal for an in-depth analysis on my reasons why. However, there are options currently available at a big discounts that might justify the additional expense of a metal shingle (not panel or asphalt!) Energy Star rated roofing system.  But first, let me discuss the advantages of each.

Metal shingle roofs can give the look of a traditional roof, a slate roof, or shake roof.  Metal shingles offer much more solar reflectivity which decreases the radiation entering the home and keeps the home cooler on sunny days.  The increased solar reflectivity may also help protect your family from other harmful forms of radiation.  Additionally, metal offers a much greater hail impact and high wind resistance rating over asphalt shingles, is recyclable, has the greatest overall lifespan of any sloped roofing material, and is fire resistant.  The best metal shingle roofs can reflect up to 90 percent of the sun’s energy!

Energy Star rated asphalt shingles are another high quality, highly reflective option. While offering the traditional look of a shingled roof, they are cheaper, easier to install, and are typically high quality.  They can reflect almost 40 percent of the sun’s energy!

While metal shingle roofs provide much greater protection and energy savings, they are also much more expensive.  However, during a limited time you can save BIG and cash in on the advantages of metal or Energy Star rated asphalt shingles over traditional roofing options.

How??  Certainteedone of the largest manufacturers of roofing materials, is currently offering up to 20% discounts on metal roofing options.  Also, until the end of the year you may qualify for up to $500 in tax credits for the purchase of these Energy Star rated materials.  There may even be additional savings provided in rebates or tax savings in urban areas due to initiatives trying to minimize the effect of asphalt shingle options on urban heat islands and energy consumption in areas of high demand.
While these options may cost you more upfront, over time you will reap the benefit of decreased solar absorption via your summer cooling costs.

Additionally, with the storm and wind resistance classification of metal and high-quality asphalt shingles, as well as the decreased risk of failure associated with a new roof, your homeowner’s insurance may offer significant savings on your premiums.

The current advantages and savings being offered for a metal shingle or Energy Star rated asphalt roof are significant enough to off-set the higher material and labor expense.  This is not the typical case, and while it may be more out-of-pocket up front, over time, homeowners will save big on the better performance of these roofing system options.

It is important to keep in mind however, that not all contractors are skillful and knowledgeable in installing metal shingle or Energy Star rated roofing systems.  Don’t lose all of the savings advantages by hiring the wrong contractor to install them.

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