Roof cost. Find price levels for different roofing systems and products.

Asphalt Shingle Roofs

There is an tool that strongly effects price levels in construction. It is Xactimate – a computer software that estimates all phases of building constuction and repair. Xactimate helps many contractors and insurance adjusters estimate repairs. Today 22 of the top 25 property insurance companies in the U.S. use this tool. You can watch the videos on the right margin to get an idea about this product.
Since it is such a powerful tool, the prices that Xactimate collects from insurance companies and construction companies by regions and cities have a strong effect on the cost of roof replacement. There are the certain differences in materials and accessories that different roofing companies can use, as well labor cost, a measure of guarantee, overhead and profit. The customer’s choice also significantly affects the cost too.

This page should help consumers to find a reasonable price level for a new roof with different asphalt shingles. All prices are rounded to the nearest whole number.

We’ll start with accessories that build the price of the roof tremendously. Then we’ll show the variety of shingles and the cost.

The first item that should always be added to your quote is removal of old roofing materials such as shingles and felt. According to Xactimate in Louisville, KY it should be around $40 per SQ (10×10 sq. ft.). Removal of old roofing materials is a very important step for a good quality, good looking roof with a good warranty. It also allows to replace any roof deck and flashing in bad condition. The roofing manufacturers allow for roof-overs but do not recommend it.

Item descriptionPrice
Remove old roofing materials$40

Removing of old roofing materials can have steeper charges depending on pitch and stories. Steep charges start at a 7/12 pitch and applies to both removal and replacement. For this purpose, we use a total price for both.


Item descriptionPrice
Steep Charge to remove and replace on 7/12-9/12$32
Steep Charge to remove and replace on 10/12-12/12$51
Steep Charge to remove and replace on greater than 12/12$64
Charge for 2 Story and higher$14

The next step is essential, it is to check if a roof deck needs any new wood. In Louisville we have 2 very common types of roof decking on residential buildings: OSB/plywood sheathing or 1×8 pine wood boards. Pine likely has a 5-10% unconditional wood surface (split, rot, limb broken, warp). Also if the gaps between the boards exceed 1/4 inch, the deck is not qualified for shingle installation. It requires correction or deck over with OSB sheathing. Steep charges apply as well. Insurance companies usually do not pay for deck unless there is proof of storm related damage.

Item descriptionPrice
1×8 sheathing per LF$3
OSB 7/16 per sq.ft$1
Steep Charge on 7/12-9/12 per SQ$14
Steep Charge on 10/12-12/12 per SQ$19
Steep Charge on greater than 12/12 per SQ$22

Next, we will give you a price level for flashing. The first metal flashing that roofers put on is drip edge. It is not required on the rakes (see diagram to the left) but very important to have on the eaves. If your roof has drip edge it is possible to save it because insurance companies do not always pay for it. However, any extended warranty from all manufacturers require replacement of all flashing, including drip edge. Shingle manufacturers don’t produce any metal flashing. And as a side note, these items are not covered by manufacturer warranties unless you use designer shingles. Please see the pictures to the right.

Item descriptionPrice
Drip edge per LF$1.36
Pipe flashing (lead boot)$49
Step flashing per LF$6
Counterflashing per LF$5
Chimney flashing depend on size (aluminum)$220-300

Next up is underlayment. If it is an insurance claim the estimate will include 15 pound felt as an entire roof underlayment unless there is proof otherwise. to recieve a better manufacturer warranty a roofing company should include Ice and Water Shield underlayment for eaves, valleys and roof penetrations.

There are certain requirements for different roof pitches. These are discussed on the page Trusted Advisor. Also, different manufacturers have higher and lower quality underlayment. Here we just use prices for most the common underlayment.

Item descriptionPrice
Felt #15 per SQ$19
Felt #30 per SQ$24
Syntethic felt (Rhino) per SQ$21
Ice and Water Shield per SQ$104

Underlayment is a very important part of any roofing system.It can be included in the extended warranties if a manufacturer’s underlayment is used. It is very common for roofers in Louisville to use mixed manufacturer products to keep the cost of materials low. As a result, underlayment is not covered by shingle manufacturers. But, manufacturers sell accessories for a higher price to build their warranty funds. The same is true with accessories like starter shingles and hip/ridge shingles. Roofers pay twice more on these items when using the manufacturers original accessories. But it will make for a roofing system with a much better warranty. Normally the following items are not apart of insurance estimates.

Item descriptionPrice
Starters per LF$1.3
Hip and Ridge per LF$3

At this point, we want to give A VERY SPECIAL OFFER FOR RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMERS that has insurance approval for total roof replacement. In this deal we offer to replace your roof with an EXTENDED warranty for the price your insurance company estimates to pay for a roof replacement,even though typically insurance policies don’t pay for roofing systems that manufacturers requires for extended warranties. It includes one of the most technologically advanced dimensional shingles – Owens Corning Duration (not to be confused with Duration Storm, Cool or Designer shingles). This offer includes total removal of old roofing materials, all flashing and vents replacement, the following Owens Corning accessories: felt, ice and water shield, starters, hip and ridge and ridge vent. The Lifetime Extended Warranty will cover 100% of your roofing system as long as you own this home. It is fully transferable in 25 years. Owens Corning doesn’t produce any metal work (all metal work is covered under our 10 year workmanship warranty). This deal is from Roof It Right, LLC owners to online customers. This offer is not available through sales reps or referral programs. This deal is only for customers who register on the following form ‘TAKE THIS DEAL’. This deal does not included any roof deck correction or replacement. Extended warranty doesn’t apply to any portion of the roof with unventilated deck. We GUARRANTEE it is the best offer on the market for insurance claims. Also, we will match the price of other local certified roofing contractors! In Kentucky we will send you a $100 check. (It is maximum allowed by law to cover insurance deductible in Kentucky, it is not allowed in Indiana.) Use code INSMATCH

LOW SLOPES under 2/12 should be covered with modified bitumen mebrane (base and cap) or higher grade materials.

Item descriptionPrice
Modified bitumen (base and cap) per SQ$276
PVC membrane with 1.5" insulation$570

LOW SLOPES under 2/12 should be covered with modified bitumen mebrane (base and cap) or higher grade materials.

Item descriptionPrice
Modified bitumen (base and cap) per SQ$276
PVC membrane with 1.5" insulation$570

Now the main product of any asphalt roof – the SHINGLES! If currently your roof has regular dimensional shingles then the equal offer from 4 main roofing manufacturers in US should be:

Item descriptionPrice
Laminated shingles per SQ$143

Laminated (dimensional) shingles

The upgrade could be :

Landmark Pro is a bit heavier shingle with a wider nail line. It has 15 years algae resistance instead the common 10 years. Colors has more definition. Warranty covers metal work.
Ultra HD twice thicker shingles with granuals on back side as well. Has highest fire rating.
Most technologically advanced shingles, with SureNail Technology. Especially good for steep roofs 21/12 and more.
Distinguished look. When Tamko Pro is installed as a roofing system it has a 30 year non-prorated warranty. That is the longest warranty for multifamilies and commercial buildings.
Highland Slate is a single-layer shingle with a dimensional appearance of natural slate. Heavier than Landmark with 15 years algae resistance.
Sienna, Camelot II, Grand Sequoia, Woodland are shingles that increase the value of property up to 7%. The value collection is now very affordable.
Most technologically advanced shingles, with SureNail Technology. Especially good for steep roofs 21/12 and more. Plus Energy Star.
Grand Manor is top of the line Slate look shingles. Trilaminated shingles.
Glenwood, Camelot, Grand Canyon are Ultra Premium shingles. Top of the line and best quality shingles.
Owens Corning top of the line.