The lowest price on single family homes roof replacement for out-of pocket customers that Roof It Right offer to online finders in Louisville KY.



As a CertainTeed Select ShingleMaster installer we have best prices. 10% OFF of our quote on CertainTeed Patriot shingles. It is the best deal for out-of-pocket customers that need replace a roof and shopping for lowest price. WE GUARANTEE that this is the lowest price that CertinTeed certified roofing contractors can offer in Louisville, otherwise we will match the price and send you $100 Lowe’s gift card after completion.

This deal is only for online finders and not valid through any sales representatives or referral programs. Not combined with any other offers or under insurance claims. Good residential and other structures

It is for a total roof replacement with CertainTeed Patriot non-laminated dimensional look shingles, including removal old shingles, felt, starters, ridge caps, exhaust vents and pipe flashing. Any wood, drip edge, chimney flashing, counter-flashing and any other metal work excluded from this deal but will be replaced if needed with standard charges that you can find on our web-site.

Shingle warranty is 30 years, first 8 years non-prorated and covers 100% materials and labor of replacement (tear off and disposal labor excluded). After 8 years labor is excluded and materials depreciated. Workmanship warranty is 2 years.

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Shadow Black                      1009 Dark Star Way, Goshen, KY  40026

                                             12610 Sanderstead Trace, Louisville, KY  40245

                                             2500 Steeplechase Dr., Jeffersontown, KY  40299

                                             Apartments, Parkview Dr., Glasgow, KY

                                             309 Norbourne Blvd., Louisville, KY  40207

                                             5810 Brittany Woods Circle, Louisville, KY  40222

                                             5113 Bardstown Rd., Louisville, KY  40291

Graystone                            Apartments, Parkview Dr., Glasgow, KY

                                             1223 Weller Ave., Louisville, KY  40208

                                             3112 Spring Breeze Ct., Louisville, KY  40220

                                             3019 Lake Vista Dr., Louisville, KY  40241

                                             1211 Goss Ave., Louisville, KY  40217

                                             2327 Duncan Ave., Louisville, KY  40212

                                             424 Montana Ave., Louisville, KY  40208

                                             13225 Sunnybrook, Memphis, IN  47143

                                             2617 Alanmede Rd., Louisville, KY  40205

                                             3225 South 7th Street Rd., Louisville, KY  40216

                                             5512 Revere Dr., Louisville, KY  40218

                                             3001 Sherbrooke Rd., Louisville, KY  40205

                                             2607 Welsford Way, Louisville, KY  40242

                                             8605 Codington Ct., Louisville, KY  40299

                                             5201 Oaklawn Park Dr., Louisville, KY  40299


Weathered Wood                 2348 Tyler Ln., Louisville, KY  40205

                                             2320 Donna Rd., Louisville, KY  40216

                                             496 Raven Wood Ct., Taylorsville, KY

                                             3115 Debera Way, Louisville, KY  40220

                                             179 Forest Ridge Dr., Mt.Washington, KY  40047

                                             2601 Woodsdale Ave., Louisville, KY  40220

                                             Apartments, Parkview Dr., Glasgow, KY

                                             5005 Yaupon Ln., Louisville, KY  40218

                                             179 Forest Ridge Dr., Mt. Washington, KY  40047

Prairie Wood                        4120 Millcreek Ave., Louisville, KY  40216

                                             415 Willowstone Way, Louisville, KY  40223

                                             3213 University Rd., Louisville, KY  40206

                                             5106 Southside Dr., Louisville, KY  40214

                                             4910 Maryman Dr., Louisville, KY  40258

                                             1825 Arboro Place, Louisville, KY  40220

                                             1907 Maplewood Place, Louisville, KY  40205

                                             3000 Don Dee Dr., Louisville, KY  40220

                                             163 Forest Dr., Jeffersonville, IN  47130

Colonial Slate                       Apartments, Parkview Dr., Glasgow, KY

                                             207 Front St., Henryville, IN

                                             3307 Audobon Ridge Dr., Louisville, KY  40213

                                             9904 Old Six Mile Ln., Louisville, KY  40299

                                             9107 Lantana Dr., Louisville, KY  40229

                                             235 Rolling Ridge Way, Simpsonville, KY  40067

Driftwood                              4612 Sloane Dr., Jeffersonville, IN  47130

                                             11 Oaktree Ln. (Persimmon Ridge) Louisville, KY  40245

                                             (Shelby County)

                                             14307 Micawber Way, Louisville, KY  40245

                                             9218 Axminster Dr., Louisville, KY  40299