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Taking the Risk Out of Roof Insurance Claims

What’s the difference between homeowners who have a good experience with a roof replacement claim and those who don’t?
Are you gambling with the quality of your roof with these rookie mistakes—

  • Being hesitant to file an insurance claim because you fear that your premiums go up? (It won’t. Click here to read why not.)
  •  Calling your insurance carrier BEFORE getting an actual estimate of the damages from a reputable contractor
  • Being prepared to take the very first offer from your insurance carrier?
  • Spending valuable time getting “estimates” from several contractors?

Homeowners who gamble with their roof often end up with

  1. Materials that don’t match!
  2. A drop in home value.
  3. A below-code roof that fails in a few years.
  4. A warranty that isn’t valid


Smart homeowners who get a reliable, attractive, code-compliant roof with a warranty that actually means something are the ones who –

  • Research a quality contractor that they can trust to do the best work, not selected on price alone (You are only going to have to pay your deductible, so why settle for less than the best workmanship or reputation?).
  • Get a reliable estimate from a contractor they TRUST before accepting an insurance offer.
  • Work with a contractor that has proven experience with insurance claims and will educate you on how to get properly compensated for a quality, code-compliant roof with the best possible warranty at no additional cost.
The best way to save yourself thousands of dollars in the long run is to hire and work with a reputable contractor that will speak for your best interests. To do otherwise is to gamble with the integrity and quality of your roofing system.

An insurance company will not pay for anything that isn’t legitimate and reasonable. We help you know what legitimate and reasonable expenses the insurance company might have missed.

From Gambling with Insurance: Initially, Mr. A’s insurance company proposed $10,522.73 to replace his roof. However this roof is fairly steep with multiple valleys that require an underlayment of ice and water guard to roof it right. The insurance’s estimate also neglected special concerns for sealing the opening around the skylight as well as labor costs for protecting Mr. A’s valuable landscaping from damage during the repair.

To Guaranteed Quality! Our insurance claim department helped Mr. A work with his insurance company for an adjusted estimate of $15,000. In the end, the insurance company also agreed that it was fair and reasonable to pay for interior repairs around the skylight, gutter guard replacement, and replacement of damaged wood on the roof deck.

Total Compensation: $19, 499.36.

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Some roofing contractors find it easier to take the insurance company’s first offer and just cut corners or reuse materials to lower the cost to match the insurer’s estimate.

 We don’t believe in compromising our work.

 It’s more work for us and takes longer to process, but we believe you deserve a quality code-compliant roof.

That’s why we Roof It Right.

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