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What do you need to know before you hire a roofing contractor?

When it comes time to repair or replace your roof, you don’t want to just hire the cheapest roofer around. 
Sure, everyone only wants to pay the minimum amount they can for a quality job, but what makes a quality roof a quality roof, and even more importantly, what makes a quality roofing contractor, a quality roofing contractor and what makes a bad one?
Here are at least 2 factors that make the difference between a quality roofing contractor and a not-so-great roofing contractor. 
Factor #1:  The ability of the contractor to offer a guarantee and a warranty for the products they offer.
Bad contractors typically don’t back up their product with a written guarantee.  Bad contractors also have often not been vetted by the manufacturers of the products that they install and therefore cannot offer the full warranties that the manufacturers typically offer with quality workmanship and roofing systems. 
Factor #2: Staying up to date on manufacturer’s requirements, recommendations, and certifications.
A quality roofing professional invests a lot of time into staying up to date on the manufacturer’s requirements, recommendations, and certifications.  
They should also be active in their individual communities and local professional organizations to promote their brand through peer and consumer education.  When a manufacturer certifies a contractor they require the contractor to maintain high customer service ratings, to utilize quality products, and to ensure the proper installation of those products.  
Manufacturers frequently contact certified roofers to inspect jobs the contractor has done in the past to make sure the job meets their expectations.  This keeps the roofing contractor honest and consistent in doing quality work.
The Take-Away:
Who would you rather install your roof?  Would you rather hire a contractor that has no third party holding them accountable for professionalism and workmanship? Or a contractor that has no hesitation having their work critiqued by their peers?  
Of course, the quality standards of contractors that are certified and peer reviewed require more time and energy.  Roofs sold by certified contractors cost more due to the stricter standards and quality material restrictions required to offer a better warranty.  Having proper insurance, quality customer service, and safety standards also add to the cost.   But, if you opt for a contractor with lower standards, you may have to pay far more if you have to pay for a roof twice because it wasn’t done properly the first time, or a contractor that doesn’t have proper insurance falls from your roof. 
Trust Roof It Right
Trust isn’t given . . . it’s earned, and Roof It Right, LLC has earned their trusted reputation over the past 13 years for quality and professionalism.  They are certified with all of the major manufacturers of roofing products and offer the best guarantees and warranties.  Further, they have top customer service ratings and reviews by many customers just like you. 
If you are in the market for a new roof, roofing repair, or a roof insurance claims specialist, look no further than Roof It Right!  They will be the last roofing company you will ever have to spend time looking for because you can trust them to protect your home and family.
 James Hannon, General Manager Roof It Right
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