The Best deals that Roof It Right offers online in Louisville, KY for total roof replacement.

DescriptionBudgetBest SellerInsurance DealBest BuyLowest Designer
Removal of old roofing materials.YesYesYesYesYes
Felt (tarp paper or synthetic felt) as a part of roofing system, covered under shingle manufacturer warranty.NoNoYesYesYes
Pipe flashingYesYesYesYesYes
Step flashingIf neededIf neededYesYesYes
Counter flashingIf neededIf neededYesYesYes
Drip edgeIf neededIf neededYesYesYes
Chimney flashingIf neededIf neededYesYesYes
Attic ventilation ,exhaust ventsIf neededIf neededYesYesYes
Attic Intake ventsIf neededIf neededYesYesYes
Shingle warranty duration30 years30 yearsLifetimeLifetimeLifetime
Non-prorated warranty that covers shingles, starter and hip and ridge shingles. This warranty covers 100% of defective materials and labor to replace. (Does not include removal.)8 years15 yearsLifetimeLifetimeLifetime
Wind warranty 110 MPH10 yeras15 years15 years15 years15 years
Algae resistance. Black discoloration10 yeras10 years10 years10 years15 years
Warranty includes tear-off labor, disposal.NoNoYes. LifetimeYes. LifetimeYes. Lifetime
Workmanship2 years2 years10 years25 years25 years