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Choosing Home Exterior Colors

• September 1, 2020

What Color Should Your Home Exterior Be?

Have you ever seen a house painted pink with purple trim and shutters?  I have, and it wasn’t as pretty as you might think.  Although everyone is entitled to their own opinion on what they find to be attractive color choices for the exterior of their home, most people tend to try and be considerate of what their neighbors might think as well.  

Although homes across the country vary greatly in building styles and materials, homes within a given region tend to be constructed very similarly.  That makes sense when you think about material choice based on climate.  Manufacturers tend to produce materials for homes based on their ability to withstand various temperature and rainfall conditions.  They also tend to produce those materials in colors, patterns, and textures that appeal to the masses.  That does not mean that you can’t use non-typical materials to construct your home, or that you can’t get them in unique colors.  It just means that most people don’t.  Most people tend to purchase homes constructed by builders that make choices based on what the majority of people buy.  

Louisville, Kentucky is a fairly traditional place.  There are few homes that really stand out from the rest of the homes around them.  When looking for a home that really fits your personality, it may be difficult without making changes after purchasing.  Many homeowners are doing this exact thing.  They are purchasing homes in older neighborhoods where houses are very similarly styled, perhaps dated, and changing the exterior features (most likely the interior as well) to update and make the home more fitting for their individual personalities.  Some people are doing this well, and some others…not so much.

If you’ve recently purchased a new home and you’re looking for ways to make it your own, how can you avoid making a decision you’ll regret?  After all, with the expense of home “improvements” you may only get one shot to get it right.

At Roof It Right, LLC and Remodel It Right, LLC we use several resources to help homeowners make the right choices for exterior finishes.  One of the most powerful tools we offer is a 3D imaging software to create a model of a client’s home that can be manipulated with different materials and color choices.  Hover 3D is partnered with Beacon, the leading supplier for exterior building products gives the user the ability to retrofit the computer-generated model of their home with actual building products available by top manufacturers.  

We also work with a number of professional designers to assist homeowners that may need experienced advice.  Often, home designers have a particular style, so it is important to have a few for a homeowner to choose from.  If a designer or our software program is not enough, we also offer computer drafting services to recreate and possibly alter the structural and design features of the home in any way possible.  

There’s something to be said about being different.  Most people want their house to fit their personality and set them apart from their neighbors.  However, changing your home drastically from the others in your neighborhood may be something you want to “see” before you do.  If that’s the case, call Roof It Right to help you make the best decision today!

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