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Roofing Client Testimonials

• September 30, 2020

Louisville, KY

We needed a new roof, fascia, gutters and window wraps. Roof it Right did all of this for us and the quality of their work and the price of the project was better than we could have ever expected!

Member Comments:

We had talked to a few different contractors and did not feel very comfortable with them, so we went to Angieslist  and we found Roof-it-Right had the not only the most reviews but the BEST reviews, and that was enough for us to call them.  Sergey, the owner of the business came right on time. He told us about things we didn’t even know to ask for and the other contractors didn’t even mention. He gave us a quote and worked with our insurance company to get a little more money due to cost adjustments in materials since they had come out.  Sergey and his team started the job right on time, and had it not been for the rain, would have finished right on time. He and his team were as careful with our home as they would have been with their own, they even wore shoes with carpeted soles on the roof so they would not damage the shingles! I have never even heard of that before, let alone seen a contracting company take the time and money to use them!  I appreciated how they always wore their fall protection when on the roof and worked safe while on our property. Our neighbors were amazed at the amount of time they took each and every day to clean up, checking for nails, picking up debris, and just making sure our house looked nice while the job was being done. Our insurance inspector came out and I asked him if our gutters should extend as far past the roof line as they did because most of the gutters I had seen were flush with the end of the house. He told me that I had one of the best contractors he had ever seen because our gutters were EXACTLY how they should be and most contractors don’t do nearly as good a job with that as Sergey and his team did with ours. He couldn’t say enough about what a great job they were doing and how they were paying attention to detail that most roofers miss and sealing any place that water could possibly ever leak in. Sergey noticed an area where another company had “fixed” an area in our roof, but it was done incorrectly so he took the time to repair it and correct where the water was coming in and did not charge us a penny more!  Our house looks brand new and we love it! I can’t say enough good things about Roof-it-Right! They are honest, professional, careful, particular about their work, and definitely the best roofing company we have ever used! I highly recommend that you call Sergey at Roof-it-Right before deciding on a contractor to do your roof, you will be glad you did!

– Dora M.

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