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Roofing Client Testimonials

• August 14, 2020

This Sergei Churbanov, dedicated, even-tempered and a perfectionist.

Imagine this guy, the owner of the company, at the top rung of a 20’ ladder in the dark with a LED headlamp on. He is screwing in the last gutter after a 12 hour day. This Sergei Churbanov, dedicated, even-tempered and a perfectionist. Who do you want to replace your roof and gutters when this much our you money is on the line. I could write a review that went on forever, but I’ll get to the basics. 3000 sq. foot complex roof that required 30 squares. Bid also included 240 LF new 6” gutters and guards. I contacted five “A” rated roofers. They all provided old style carbon forms with hand written estimate. Very few details. Sergei emerged from his truck minutes later with a folder that had an exact dimension map, material specifications, and detailed cost estimate. Not only that, but he showed me a video on his laptop of the RHINO gutter guard system. The crew were, to put it simply, a study of efficiency. I watched intently over three days and saw dedication to craftsmanship that made me very certain this roof was installed perfectly. Cleanup. They used a magnet rake to get up all nails and screws. They cleaned up literally every square foot of property to perfection. Even as we said goodbye in the driveway, they still were picking up. All materials were prime. CertainTeed system shingles and underlayment. Rhino gutter guards that never requires gutter cleaning. Summary. A roof/gutter replacement is serious business for your home. It’s got to last 10-20 years, be attractive and functional. Price is important, but many quotes are almost the same. I hired the best! Thanks Sergei.

– Greg M., Prospect KY
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