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• September 30, 2020

Corydon, IN

New roof for house and garage. New gutters and gutter guards for house and detached garage. Replaced 3 skylights and took out a skylight out of sun room upon request.

Member Comments:

I called Roof it Right first because they were the highest rated in my service area.  Everything that all the other reviewers are saying is true.  Friendly, punctual, professional, good communication, fair pricing. Before Sergey left my house the first time I had a detailed estimate in my email.  I had a question or needed something changed on the estimate I had a response with in the hour.  Once I had a signed a contract (which by the way was through the email through a document signing service) the work started within a week.

Let me give you a comparison to the other two contractors I contacted for an estimate. The 2nd contractor was 2nd highest rated in my area.  The guy came out had a rough estimate on paper that he never officially showed me.  He told me he would send me an email after he got some numbers on the windows. Never heard from the guy again.  Since I already had my first estimate and was already impressed he never heard from me again either.

The third guy had a few reviews and was local. I like to support local businesses. He showed up 30 minutes late, he called ahead but I mean really… his office is located 5-10 miles away. Roof it Right home office is like 40 minutes away and they cover Louisville, E-town, and Southern Indiana.  His next mistake was he wanted to immediately see what the estimates were from the other bids and what my insurance was going to pay me before he stepped foot on my roof. Third mistake he did not bring a ladder and when I offered the use of my home ladder he did not seem interested in that either. He said he would be back the next day with his ladder. He showed up in my drive way the next week which I then had to explain the job was already contracted out and was starting in a couple of days.   Just save yourself some time and go with Roof it Right.


In late Oct, 2015 I noticed a very small leak near the chimney. Literally a single drop that would slowly form. It was very windy and raining very hard and had never noticed the leak before. I emailed Sergey that night and told him about the issue. He responded to me that morning and sent guys out that day to address the issue!  The flashing had come away from the mortar and he apologized for the issue. Workman fixed the issue that day.

Sometimes people will perform very well during the job but honoring their work afterwards is a different sorry. However Sergey’s customer service is top notch!

– Janelle C.

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